DJ Khaled – Dinero Ft. Jennifer Lopez & Cardi B (Audio)

Download Latest Audio MP3 DJ Khaled – Dinero Ft. Jennifer Lopez & (Audio) MP3 Download

DJ Khaled Ft. Jennifer Lopez & – Dinero Mp3. The best music boss and American top notch Disk jockey, has take to the internet to announce the featuring of Jennifer Lopez & Cardi on the hot new track tagged “Dinero” Mp3.

Stream and Download DJ Khaled Ft. Jennifer Lopez & Cardi B – Dinero the track which we believe will be off his comming album “father of Ashad” and “Dinero Mp3” was named after his son Ashad

Download Jenifer Lopez Dinero ft Dj Khaled

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2 thoughts on “DJ Khaled – Dinero Ft. Jennifer Lopez & Cardi B (Audio)

  1. “Hey you, don’t make it bad” was unnecessary advice for aspiring musicians, but record companies also once insisted, “Don’t make it longer than three minutes.” If it exceeded much beyond that length, a song had no chance of becoming a hit.

    Fortunately, The Beatles and DJ Khaled Ft. Jennifer Lopez & Cardi B shattered that theory exactly fifty years ago, when they scored a huge hit with a song that ran twice that long. “Hey Jude” had a running time of over seven minutes, yet it still managed to reach number one and stay there for a record eight weeks.

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    Here are seven of the other best tunes that play longer than that now fifty year old classic by The Beatles.

    Cowgirl In the Sand by Neil Young

    Checking in at over ten minutes, this track from Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere is highlighted by several guitar jams.

    Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

    Even though this standard from Led Zeppelin IV never made it to number one, it has become more well-known than either “American Pie” or “Hey Jude.”

    Desolation Row by Bob Dylan

    Robert Zimmerman always had a lot to say through his songwriting, and he uses over eleven minutes to make his point on this closer from Highway 61 Revisited.

    I Just Sit There by Sonny Bono

    His only solo album opens with this fourteen minute track, which criticizes everyone from politicians to movie stars to The Beatles.

    Danse With Me George by Ambrosia

    Chopin and his romance with author George Sand was the inspiration for this criminally underrated epic from the group’s second album, Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled.

    Us And Them by Pink Floyd

    Anyone looking for the dark side of the moon could wait for it while listening to this psychedelic single, which runs nearly eight minutes.

    Deacon Blues by Steely Dan

    When Donald Fagin says “Sue me if I play too long” in the last verse, he falsely assumes that someone would find this Aja hit’s length unacceptable. Most fans wish it went on even longer.

    Stream and Download DJ Khaled Ft. Jennifer Lopez & Cardi B – Dinero the track which we believe will be off his comming album “father of Ashad” and “Dinero Mp3” was named after his son Ashad

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